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of online platforms in Kazakhstan

Digital Rating 2023 (The Digital Rights Compliance Ranking of digital platforms in Kazakhstan) has been compiled by experts from the law firm Digital Rights Center Qazaqstan (DRCQ) in cooperation
with Ranking Digital Rights (RDR).

This research project was launched by DRCQ to conduct an independent study aimed at assessing policies and practices of digital platforms in Kazakhstan. The research focuses on the disclosure of information in the context of relations with government agencies, compliance with the standards for the
protection of digital human rights, and measures to ensure users' rights to freedom of information and
personal privacy.

Presentation of Digital Rating 2023

We aim for our research to be not only an assessment, but also a tool to encourage companies to comply with international standards regarding respect for digital human rights, including users' rights to information and privacy.

We believe that an open and constructive dialog with the companies can contribute to increasing trust and transparency between companies and users.

By means of its rating, the Digital Rating team offers roadmaps for the creation and operation of online platforms and digital services in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to companies that prioritize the respect and protection of human rights.